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Brooms Farm was the heart of the village in Baldesrby St James, creating work for most of its occupants. I loved it and would spend most of my childhood in the fields with the men picking potatoes in winter, by hand, hoeing sugar beat in spring, and pulling wild oats in early summer, then harvest. It was a cycle, a life cycle.

There were no corner shops or streets to hang out on. You worked. Whether it was on the farm or at home. You worked. That's just the way it was. I loved it that much, that I stayed and worked on the farm until my late twenties when I left to work in forestry. Old fashioned farming is in my blood!

The food we ate was simple but, my word, it was tasty. We ate fresh vegetables from the garden, and meat mostly from the land; rabbit or game pies being my absolute favourite. I can still feel the feathers tickling my nose as a small boy as I would sit on the step plucking pheasants ready for game pies.

When Dad had the cash to pay a trip to the butchers, he improvised using cheap cuts of meat; chuck, shin, ham hock, heart and tripe. God I could never get used to tripe!

Dad took care of six lads on his own on a shoestring, making do and mend but we never went without. I've created Farm to try and recreate some of my childhood memories; the food and design, a nostalgic feeling of warmth, well being and security.

I hope you love it as we do.

''We ate like kings, played like children, worked like men.''


                  Me at the village fete 1973.

"No matter how things get out of place,
she always manages to stick us back together.
Mothers Glue!"

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I moved from Morley to the top of Thrust Cross Reservoir North Yorkshire with my husband and children In 2010. 

It was a big change going from having shops on every street corner, a mobile signal and internet, to nothing but fields and sheep! However I absolutely loved it! I took to it like a duck to water Andrew said it was like watching a battery hen being freed from a cage back into its natural environment. I suppose it did feel a little like I had freedom and I was a country girl all along. Our little dog Winnie went from a postage stamp grass back garden to acres and acres of land overnight. I think she had agrophobia for weeks! 

A born and bred Leeds lass! I left school at 16 and became a Nanny. I enjoyed looking after people and baking, Andrew would say I'm an old fashioned house wife, 'The glue that keeps the family together', which makes me smile. 

The thought of running a restaurant was a little daunting at first. But once the idea sunk in I just use the same principles as I do in life: Treat people as you want to be treated and with a smile.

I read somewhere that attempting to make Sourdough bread for the first time was like edging out onto the M62 blindfolded... I'm not sure it was as bad as that but it was challenging. After a few failed attempts I felt under pressure as the grand opening of the bistro was looming, but secretly I new I'd get it. One or two sleepless nights later (Dreaming of bread) my traditional Sourdough loaf came from the AGA as good as I've seen in any bakery! It was a good day. At first I was making a couple of loaves a day, I now make twenty or more and I'm sold out by lunch.

If you would like to try some of my bread I'm at the shop everyday but get here early!




01423 561758


First Floor
1a Oxford Street


Monday to Thursday 
9:30am to 5.30pm
Friday to Saturday
9:30am to 11.30pm
10am to 5pm


N.B. We only take bookings for parties over 4 on Saturday daytime service. Please call to book.
Evening service last orders for food 9pm